Well Thanks Again, Mr. Obama, for Nothing!

We can always depend on Obama to hand over his best bargaining chip and cave in to the right-wing.  Is there any promise on which he has made good?  All talk and no action; all style and no substance.  Yet again he caves in to the detriment of we the people.  See  Fiscal cliff deal raises taxes on 77% of Americans

All this fiscal “deal” proves is that neither Democrats nor Republicans have any answers, and this president can always be relied upon to hand over his best leverage without any more than a squeak of protest.  Wake up everyone–both parties are looking out for the interests of the 1%, not the 99%,and have created this “fiscal cliff” drama to distract the public from the elephant in the room: the defense budget and the wars, the REAL reason for the deficit.  Why?  Because corporations make megabucks off war!

One wonders what happened to the crusading orator who promised when campaigning to rein in the excesses of Wall Street, and protect Main Street.  It turns out that apparently Obama is just another corporatist deceptively using populist lexicon as a smokescreen for his real intentions, and ultimately you have to pay attention to what the man DOES, not what he says.

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