Class Warfare is Real

There is class warfare going on from the top down (not the bottom up!) and we are committed to exposing the roots of this inequity.  Not only is the middle class being decimated and the poor further impoverished and dispossessed, but our democracy is being dismantled as well.  In the words of Warren Buffett, ““There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”  See:

Here are some links that will explain how and why this has happened:

Richard Wolff – Capitalism Hits the Fan

For an interesting and fresh alternative, watch this video:

The Parasitic 1%

There are many, many articles on the web describing the wealthiest 1% as parasites, which, in my opinion is very apt as they do not actually perform any type of labor, other than that is, moving their money from one fund to another and one offshore account to the next.  The right-wing politicians and their friends in the corporate-owned media love to crow about the market and “free enterprise”, but we haven’t had free enterprise for at least 30 years now, and wouldn’t have had anything remotely free prior to that had it not been for the muckrakers and trustbusters of the late 19th and early 20th century who derailed their plans to control everything.

The robber barons are alive and well and thanks to these right-wing corporate
lapdogs in government,  have again returned us to the days of near total monopolization; while decrying welfare for actual citizens, these corporations have no problem swilling it down for themselves, while they pass on all the costs to the consumer and keep their employees’ wages as low as possible in order to maximize their outlandish profits.  In the last 30 years wages have stagnated while in the same period of time computers allowed worker productivity and, therefore, profits to skyrocket.  Over the last few decades, many of the corporate giants who actually used to produce goods, have moved their operations out of the country in search of ever-lower wages and for the purpose of evading paying taxes.  In addition, many of these corporations have become lending institutions so that rather than produce goods, they loan people money so that they can make even more money off of them.

So while profiteering corporations have been making out like the bandits they are, people have been plundered; rather than being rewarded for increased productivity by getting raises, the people are in hock like never before, as free-flowing credit has been the only way to survive.  It has been quite a lucrative windfall for these businesses due to their ill-gotten gains, the 1% having raked in profits like never before in history.  Now since the crash, they have realized even greater profits, causing the gap to widen even further.  The 99%, however, is waking up more every day to the extent of the class warfare that has been waged against us by this criminal class and we are mad as hell.