The Negro Project and Margaret Sanger

It is very telling that this webpage starts out with a Biblical quote about “choosing life so both you and your descendants may live”, which  says it all regarding their motives, in my opinion, and confirmed my suspicion that this is a smear job. Missing from this treatise is any statement about the background of the writer or the “say so” marchers other than that they were “ministers”, which again exposes their true motives.  These are ministers, you can be sure, of patriarchal Christian  fundamentalist sects, most likely ultra-conservative Baptists who, like their fundamentalist papist and Islamic counterparts,  take a particular dislike to any freedom on the part of women, especially sexual freedom, while taking great umbrage to what they perceive as racial prejudice.  It is amazing how hypocritical this is, though it is par for the course.  While it is undeniable that there was racism inherent in eugenicism, sexism is inherent in patriarchal religion.

The “immigrants” who were flooding the country at the time Margaret Sanger was campaigning for birth control were overwhelmingly Irish, so if anyone should be so offended by her work, I suppose it should be someone like me with my Irish heritage. Instead, I am very thankful that Irish women were able to not be powerless over their lives and not live in squalor, and it seems to me no one ought to be offended about a movement if it helped their ancestors gain some control over endless childbearing and resulting poverty through birth control, which is voluntary.  Forced sterilization is a different situation; however, why anyone would think forced childbearing is preferable escapes me. The issue is CHOICE!

Nobody forces anyone to go to Planned Parenthood, use birth control, or submit to any procedure, nor do  certain groups get targeted for services over others, regardless of any attitudes anyone might have had who started the birth control movement a century ago, when ideas about so-called racial superiority were widely held. The use of current attitudes to judge people in the past and apply that to the present as if everyone who promotes birth control now is a eugenicist is  faulty reasoning—not to mention we have to judge people by the standard of their times, and Margaret Sanger is a hero to anyone who is sane, regardless of any such attitudes.

The other glaring issue I want to point out is the flip side of this argument.  Do people have a right to dominate others because they choose to overpopulate and have endless children? It’s no accident that the Catholic church and the Mormon church promote unbridled childbearing because they not only want to repress women’s right to self- determination, but they crave huge numbers of followers over whom they have dominion and whom they can control.  Children born into Catholicism, Mormonism, Islam,  and fundamentalist Protestant sects such as the Baptists, are conscripted into these patriarchal belief systems involuntarily in order to swell the influence of these churches over their followers and society at large, which we have witnessed increasingly because of their extreme fanatical views on abortion and birth control and resultant overpopulating. I believe the rest of us have some say in being taken over by sheer numbers and about having the earth destroyed because people are so hellbent on procreating in such outrageous numbers, hiding behind their religious justifications. The people having huge numbers of children affect all of us on this planet and threaten  all of our survival and if they think it is ok to force women into childbearing, perhaps it is time for them to be forced to stop overpopulating us into extinction and spreading their oppression!

The Negro Project and Margaret Sanger

The Woman Who Separated Church From State | Care2 Causes

Kudos to Queen Vashti!  People need to remember that religion has always been at the heart of fascism and feudalism and the enemy of freedom and enlightenment.  What is particularly ironic is that the people like Santorum, et al, that want to crow endlessly about promoting their particular brand of religiosity and decry the separation of church and state are the very ones whose rights to practice their religion were (and could be again) guaranteed by it.  It was the Danbury Baptists whose persecution by the Anglican church/government Thomas Jefferson took up in his famous letter about this issue.  The Baptist Church is the largest denomination in this country and one of the most fundamentalist Protestant sects (they prefer evangelical nowadays) but they are fundamentalists, just like the Muslim jihadists, and behind the war on women’s rights.  What is really hilarious is that these are the very people who used to view the Catholic Church as the Beast of Revelations just a few years ago, but now are flocking behind people like Santorum,a Roman Catholic, mainly because they agree on how much they hate the freedom of women!  You watch, they will be joining forces with the Islamic fundamentalists eventually in their zeal to repress women. They are the Talibangelicals, whether Baptist, Catholic, or Muslim.

The Woman Who Separated Church From State | Care2 Causes

Herman Cain: More for the Rich and The Poor can Keep the Change (And Use the Service Entrance)

Herman Cain. What an icon.  Not only a successful self-made man—just ask him—but a corporate man through and through, oh and let’s not forget, a Federal Reserve adviser representing business interests, now playing center stage as Stepin Fetchit for the GOP, which one could make the case better stands these days for Greedy Offensive Plutocrats than Grand Old Party.  With no experience in government, Cain’s motives for pursuing his party’s nomination are rather inexplicable except as a convenient vehicle for promoting his insubstantial and self-serving book, egotistically named, “This is Herman Cain”.  My guess is we can make a more educated guess about who he is  and also infer the motives of his backers by observing his behavior and statements than by reading the latest volume he is pushing on his book tour/presidential candidacy.

We got a glimpse of the version of America Cain promotes, and his character, when he blurted out the fact that he would not even consider appointing a Muslim to his cabinet and when he backpedaled on his criticism of Perry’s family hunting camp sporting the infamous “N-word” title, revealing the fact that his campaign is much more about personal ambition than any real issues like racism or religious intolerance.  His later comment about Occupy Wall Street and people out of work having “only themselves to blame” shows the callous condescension so typical of self-vaunting pro-capitalist ideologues like him.  His companies’ want ads probably ran, “The unemployed, homeless, and non-Cadillac-driving need not apply.”

Cain reportedly started out working for Coca Cola, where his father had worked as a chauffeur, then went to Pillsbury, moved up the corporate ladder by then working as a business manager for Burger King, and then went to work for Godfather Pizza.  If you ask me, Herman Cain is more “the coke side of life” than “the real thing”; the latter phrase applying far more to another black man and beloved musician Ray Charles, who did the commercials for Coke’s rival Pepsi and who, incidentally would be just as qualified as Cain to run for President as he was a very shrewd businessman and actually possessed a soul.  From the Pillsbury dough (and by this I mean bread) boy to “having it his way” at Burger King, Cain then became CEO at Godfather Pizza, who apparently made him ”an offer he couldn’t refuse,” and now is carrying water for the Tea Party branch of the GOP.

Cain’s bowing to power was more than obvious by his servile remarks in a recent interview with Jay Leno when he referred to Rick Perry as a “good governor”, Newt Gingrich as “brilliant”, and Michele Bachmann as a “very nice lady”, even though during the debate she compared his 999 plan to the work of the Beast of Revelations by suggesting one turn the 999 upside down (666) as “the devil is in the details”. One would expect this would have greatly offended someone who publicly touts his “faith” as so central to who he is, but it appears that remaining in the good graces of the Republican Party anointed is more central.  His reductive comments on the other candidates were that Romney had “good hair”, Santorum was “stressed”, Paul was a “grumpy old man”, and Huntsman “wears ties just like Mr. Cain”.  Such lack of political acumen, any meaningful message, and fatuous self-absorption we haven’t seen since Sarah Palin, who even dismissed him as the “flavor of the month” and who was not this much of a bootlicker.  Somebody ought to tell him that he will never be accepted by the wealthy power elite, no matter how ambitious he is or how much he stridently does their bidding as the token black Republican jumping to the defense of Wall Street and the corporate world.

The ultimate irony is that Cain who accuses the protesters of trying to distract from Obama’s failed policies, doesn’t seem to realize that HE is the distraction that is operating as a diversionary tactic from the machinations of the robber baron 1% he serves, who are bent on maintaining control.  When his usefulness expires, they will move on to the next stooge to take his place. Occupy Wall Street, unbeknownst to Cain, is quite aware of the failures of the current administration and is outraged at its failure to go after Wall Street and the corporate corruption that got us in this mess.  Occupy Wall Street, unlike the Tea Party, is an actual grassroots movement of real people who are puppets of neither the government nor the corporate world, and as such will survive and grow, as it is born out of the determination to find the truth and expose corruption and lies rather than cover them up, wherever it finds them, as well as possessing the will to face the problems squarely, not make excuses or try to distract from them.

One thing is for sure, with Herman Cain, it wouldn’t be a “kinder, gentler America” but would more resemble Gingrich’s “Contract on America,” as his “Contract for America” was widely called if, God forbid, he should get elected.  Like the buffoon Donald Trump whose favor he recently curried, my money is on him dropping out once he capitalizes on the publicity, though.  I do have an idea how Herman Cain could be of service to the country, however.  All the homeless and unemployed people in America that the Occupy Wall Street movement represents can take up residence in the empty space in his brain and his heart, though they will likely have to clear out the pizza boxes first, which would, of course, be empty as well.  A good slogan for his campaign might be “Herman Cain:  More for the Rich and the Poor can Keep the Change” (and of course, use the service entrance).