The Declaration of, by, and for Women

We, the Women of the United States of America on behalf of all women everywhere, hereby declare that we are inviolable sovereign entities whose worth is self-evident and whose life, liberty, pursuit of happiness and self-determination are inalienable fundamental human rights

Whereas Women have been, are, and will be the basic human template, bearers and sustainers of life, the gardeners, the herbalists, the healers, the nurturers, the teachers, homemakers, the breadwinners, the builders of community and nations, the cornerstone of society and the family

Whereas the rule by patriarchy for thousands of years has resulted in our rights being abridged, our being treated as property, our bodies being assaulted and sold, the Earth, our mother, plundered and polluted by profligate greed, our peace destroyed by continual war, our communities and families broken, and our institutions corrupted

Whereas patriarchy has perpetuated male dominance by:

  •  Systematically excluding women from the realms of power, blocking the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment, working against equal representation in government, despite the fact that we are 51% of the population
  • Denying women economic parity by relying on women’s unpaid domestic labor, raising children, caring for elders or loved ones who are chronically ill, denying women promotions, equal pay for equal work, working against increases in minimum wage and cost-of-living increases to Social Security
  • Oppressing women and causing immeasurable physical, psychological and emotional harm through commodification, sexual exploitation, trafficking, sexual harassment, rape, molestation, physical assault, emotional abuse, genital mutilation, psychological intimidation, domestic violence
  • Attempting to control women’s reproduction by blocking access to sex education and family planning, thereby restricting women’s autonomy and ability to reach full potential, even endangering women’s lives and health

Whereas the world is dangerously out-of-balance due to the abuse of power characteristic of patriarchy and empire-building, and as there will never be an end to conflict and injustice or lasting peace and harmony so long as women are mistreated and live in one form of bondage or another in societies ruled by men

We the Women hereby declare our independence from sanction or approval by a patriarchal culture or world system.  We abjure and condemn all forms of domination of and violence towards women and girls everywhere.  We declare our human right to live in a world free from misogyny and male supremacy that oppresses us and attempts to alienate us from our sisters in the struggle for truth, justice, fairness, equality, and peace

We unite in spirit and in action with all women and all men of conscience who join us in the struggle against the oppression of patriarchy until every woman in every nation everywhere across the globe can live in a world that is safe, harmonious, and respectful of life and nature, where women and the sacred feminine are again respected and honored as was the case in antiquity, and where we can live in peace and prosperity as many matri-focal societies have done

We hereby join in solidarity with our sisters throughout the world in reclaiming our rightful place in roles of leadership in the family, the workplace, society, worship, and government, and we demand gender parity in the form of fair and equal representation.  We reclaim our long denied birthright to fully and freely explore and utilize our gifts, talents, intellect, spirituality, emotional sensibilities, sexuality, creativity, and power and declare this day, July 1, 2012 as our day of GLOBAL LIBERATION

Louisiana Lawmaker Wants Evolution Taught In Science Classes | Care2 Causes

It is very refreshing to see some sanity being brought back into the classroom.  Teaching creationism in the classroom and passing it off as “science” is another example of the infringement of religion into our secular life and another example of the blurring of the line between church and state.  Further, as the author of the article states, religion is being cynically exploited by the corporate elite who want to continue to dispute the scientific fact of global warming so that they can keep polluting with impunity.  This is why we need an amendment to the Constitution to do away with corporate “personhood” so we can put an end to corporate attempts to brainwash students with their disinformation, because they are behind this nonsense, and get away with it because as “persons” they have free speech rights and, of course, an army of lawyers to defend these “rights” in court.

Louisiana Lawmaker Wants Evolution Taught In Science Classes | Care2 Causes

On the Religious Right & Politics

In reflecting on the fact that there are more and more evangelical so-called conservatives, more correctly called radicals, in office and running for office, now with the entrance of Texas Governor Rick Perry joining Michelle Bachmann in a bid for President, it has become even more urgent to address the threat this poses to our democracy and our basic freedoms and human rights.

The incursions of the Religious Right into the seat of power in this country is beyond alarming as they are hellbent on coercing everyone into abiding by their narrow orthodoxy  and codifying it into law.  Witness the current war on women’s reproductive rights and gay marriage being waged by the latest incarnation of crusading witchburners all across the country.  By buying up television and radio stations and proliferating their sanctimonious “pro-family” propaganda they have managed to mainstream ideas that were previously considered only lunatic fringe. Their willingness to use violence (war, executions, bombing family planning clinics) has so intimidated the public that people are afraid to speak out against them, for fear of retaliation.

The time has come for us to get serious about getting religion out of politics and prosecuting anyone who uses religious rhetoric in campaigns, engages in pulpit politicking, finances campaigns while trying to claim tax-exempt status, or otherwise tries to blur the separation between church and state or we are rushing headlong into a fascist theocracy.  We just barely survived 8 years of the last fundamentalist Christian in the oval office with any of our civil rights intact.  If either of these latest two power-seekers happens to win in 2012, we will have to steel ourselves for another scourge of the Grand Inquisition.

Anti-Abortion Ads & the Super Bowl

With the trial of Dr. George Tiller’s murderer underway, CBS is planning on airing an anti-abortion advertisement to a massive audience tuning in to watch the Super Bowl on February 5.  Besides being both unwise and potentially dangerous as the lives of many family planning doctors and staff are threatened every day by religious zealots, this is a bizarre advertising choice during the Super Bowl, the most-watched game of the year, and reveals the influence of the radical religious right on our corporate-owned media.  One has to wonder how much money the fundamentalist churches and televangelists contributed to this ad–isn’t it time that they have their tax-exempt status yanked?  They can’t have it both ways; they can’t be both non-profit entities and political organizations.  We need to get religion out of politics by enforcing the IRS laws so they wouldn’t be able to funnel the outrageous amounts of donations they collect towards their political agenda.  Likewise,  CBS should make better choices and restrict their ads to products instead of pandering to political pressure by the religious right.