Deseret News and Mormon Church Epistle “Ensign” Combining

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that, “Church spokesman Cody Craynor confirmed Wednesday that a copy of the Deseret News’ national edition — which includes several pages of value-laden news and analysis as well as the LDS Church News — was packaged with the February Ensign mailed to subscribers in the United States and Canada.”  See:

The editor of this Mormon rag, Paul Edwards, writes in an email that it “represents an opportunity for current Ensign subscribers to have a thoughtful source of news and analysis designed for faith- and family-oriented audiences.” My interpretation of what this really means is they have edited out any pesky facts, honest discussion, or truth so that it is sanitized and denatured enough for the fundamentalist palate, accustomed as it is to the denial of reality.

For fundamentalist activists, they see any invasion of their narrow, religious mindset as a good thing, because their ultimate goal is to infiltrate every corner of society, take over our government, and install a theocratic, fascist state, destroying what is left of our democratic, secular system based on the principle of separation of church and state.  This is one of the biggest dangers with which we are faced and why we are experiencing the huge increase in the war on women’s rights because they are after women’s autonomy as it threatens the male supremacism and patriarchy on which all fundamentalism (whether Christian, Islam, or Judaic) is based and the establishment and proliferation of their dominionist philosophy.