Deseret News and Mormon Church Epistle “Ensign” Combining

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that, “Church spokesman Cody Craynor confirmed Wednesday that a copy of the Deseret News’ national edition — which includes several pages of value-laden news and analysis as well as the LDS Church News — was packaged with the February Ensign mailed to subscribers in the United States and Canada.”  See:

The editor of this Mormon rag, Paul Edwards, writes in an email that it “represents an opportunity for current Ensign subscribers to have a thoughtful source of news and analysis designed for faith- and family-oriented audiences.” My interpretation of what this really means is they have edited out any pesky facts, honest discussion, or truth so that it is sanitized and denatured enough for the fundamentalist palate, accustomed as it is to the denial of reality.

For fundamentalist activists, they see any invasion of their narrow, religious mindset as a good thing, because their ultimate goal is to infiltrate every corner of society, take over our government, and install a theocratic, fascist state, destroying what is left of our democratic, secular system based on the principle of separation of church and state.  This is one of the biggest dangers with which we are faced and why we are experiencing the huge increase in the war on women’s rights because they are after women’s autonomy as it threatens the male supremacism and patriarchy on which all fundamentalism (whether Christian, Islam, or Judaic) is based and the establishment and proliferation of their dominionist philosophy.

Patriarchal Dominionism: The Core of Tyranny

It is no accident that today we are seeing the confluence of the corporate state, the seizure of political power by the church, and an escalating war on women.  Like the corporation, the church was an instrument of the king, and we are coming full circle again, witnessing the blurring of the line between church and state, the ascendancy of corporate fascism, and mounting scapegoating of women.

Some of you may wonder why the GOP has slipped a cog and gone completely off the rails with regard to women’s basic human rights.  The answer is this:  the GOP has been taken over by corporate interests and the right-wing authoritarian fundamentalist church, both of whom have always been exceedingly hostile to women’s autonomy, psychosocial independence, power, financial freedom, and self-determination.  The Republican Party started its slide into fascist theocracy when it put the church’s opposition to abortion into its platform in 1976, and plummeted into full-blown misogyny in 2012 with its rape comments and inclusion of a call for a “fetal personhood” amendment to the Constitution.

In the beginnings of this country, the colonies were ruled by governors who were appointed by the king and who were also church leaders; they also were beholden to and exploited by the corporate arm of the monarchy in the form of the British East India Company.  It was tyranny on the part of both the church and the corporation that led to the series of revolts, such as the Boston Tea Party, that culminated in the American Revolution. The Revolution also coincided with the most outrageous abuse of power by the church:  the witch hunts. This tyranny has a long history, going back to the beginnings of patriarchy.

In antiquity, there was goddess-worship for 25,000 years prior to the advent of patriarchal religions which took over by force.  The goddess-worshipping matrilineal culture of Minoa, an egalitarian and peaceful, prosperous, highly-developed culture that honored and respected the earth and life-giving nature and revered the sacred feminine, was destroyed by an invading patriarchal group who worshipped a male war god who ruled by fear and domination and who brought violence, death and destruction, gender inequality, and the abuse of power with it.

The patriarchal religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, which appeared much more recently and currently dominate, are all Middle-Eastern in origin, and despite all the concern about Sharia Law, there is very little difference between the Al Qaida and Christian fundamentalist dominionists in their zeal to oppress women.  There is likewise little difference between the last two U. S. administrations’ use of torture, labeling people “terrorists”, and use of psychological manipulation and wars to pursue domination of the earth and every creature on it, and the Inquisitions’ and Puritans’ use of torture and labeling women as “witches” and the use of Christian dogma to silence, control, and intimidate.

Though the Christian dominionist reconstructionists would like us to believe that the country was founded as a “Christian nation” and should be ruled by rigid Christian orthodoxy, the fact is they are talking about puritanical colonial America, not the post-revolutionary, independent United States of America, which was founded on the principles of the Enlightenment—rationalism, universalism, empiricism, and most importantly, secularism.  Unless we put a stop to the takeover of our government by both the corporation and the church, we are going to be living in a fascist, authoritarian, Calvinist, corporate theocracy where individual freedoms, especially for women, are a thing of the past.  We must WAKE UP and kick the corporation, and the church, out of government once and for all and pass the Equal Rights Amendment and an amendment to abolish corporate personhood before women once again are chattel and patriarchal corporate and ecclesiastical tyranny totally obliterate the rights of human beings.

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Occupy Patriarchy—End the War on Women!

The attempts to roll back the gains of the women’s movement have been going on for a long time now, almost immediately after Roe v. Wade was passed, but it has become increasingly escalated lately with attacks now being leveled against not only reproductive rights (including contraception) but women’s health care, and even programs for victims of violence and rape being dismantled. It is time for us to stand up and take action to help raise the awareness that this onslaught is about patriarchal dominance and religious tyranny, not “religious freedom”.

Women are steadily making gains in other parts of the world, one of the most heartening examples being the women of the Congo, who have risen up in the face of wartime torture against the violence that has been directed at them, demanding an end to rape.[1]  We see women making strides towards freedom in the Middle East with Tunisia granting equal rights to men and women, and in India, despite much discrimination, women currently holding all three of the high offices of President, Speaker of the Lok Sabha, and Leader of the Opposition, ]while here in the U. S. women are seeing our rights and gains erode and to this day are the most under-represented group in government and the poorest members of society.

Today, in America, we are contending with escalated attacks on women’s human rights like never before, whether it be by redefining rape, slashing funding for planned parenthood, eliminating crucial health screening and services for women, attempting to restrict and even criminalize abortion, denying access to contraception, or doing away with programs to help victims of domestic violence and rape.

The long list of assaults on women’s basic human rights includes the Blunt Amendment, which would have allowed any employer to refuse to cover any kind of health care service by citing “moral reasons”; fetal “personhood” bills; bills requiring ultrasound, including invasive vaginal probes, prior to allowing abortions; bills outlawing abortions after 20 weeks; bills allowing health care providers to refuse to perform abortions[2] and hospitals to refuse to perform emergency abortions, even in the case of the mother’s life being at stake in the “Let Women Die Bill” that passed in the U. S. House of Representatives; the defunding of Planned Parenthood, including the Susan V. Komen Foundation dropping planned parenthood funding for cancer screenings; the continuing harassment, arson attacks, bombings and shootings of family planning staff and doctors, four of whom have been murdered between 1993 and 2009.[3]

In view of such attacks, one might think we lived in a country ruled by an Ayatollah rather than in the United States where there is supposed to be a government of, for, and by the people with the separation of church and state.  But, as it turns out, the Christian fundamentalists who have made inroads into our government have been steadily blurring this line and are little different from their Muslim counterparts in their determination to restrict the freedoms of their respective female citizens.  Patriarchal religion has historically often been friendly to fascism and feudalism and hostile to the values of freedom and enlightenment, particularly of course with regard to women. See article [4] below for a horrific example of this.

Patriarchy is about domination and the abuse of power and we wish to raise the awareness of the public that the war on women is about the attempt to control women’s lives, whether it be by redefining rape, slashing funding for planned parenthood, eliminating crucial health screening and services for women, attempting to restrict and even criminalize abortion, denying access to contraception, or doing away with programs to help victims of domestic violence and rape.  We will not sit by and allow women’s human rights to be treated as if they are expendable or ignore the sexist mentality that fuels these attacks.  It is time for us to Occupy Patriarchy and end the War on Women!


The Woman Who Separated Church From State | Care2 Causes

Kudos to Queen Vashti!  People need to remember that religion has always been at the heart of fascism and feudalism and the enemy of freedom and enlightenment.  What is particularly ironic is that the people like Santorum, et al, that want to crow endlessly about promoting their particular brand of religiosity and decry the separation of church and state are the very ones whose rights to practice their religion were (and could be again) guaranteed by it.  It was the Danbury Baptists whose persecution by the Anglican church/government Thomas Jefferson took up in his famous letter about this issue.  The Baptist Church is the largest denomination in this country and one of the most fundamentalist Protestant sects (they prefer evangelical nowadays) but they are fundamentalists, just like the Muslim jihadists, and behind the war on women’s rights.  What is really hilarious is that these are the very people who used to view the Catholic Church as the Beast of Revelations just a few years ago, but now are flocking behind people like Santorum,a Roman Catholic, mainly because they agree on how much they hate the freedom of women!  You watch, they will be joining forces with the Islamic fundamentalists eventually in their zeal to repress women. They are the Talibangelicals, whether Baptist, Catholic, or Muslim.

The Woman Who Separated Church From State | Care2 Causes

On the Religious Right & Politics

In reflecting on the fact that there are more and more evangelical so-called conservatives, more correctly called radicals, in office and running for office, now with the entrance of Texas Governor Rick Perry joining Michelle Bachmann in a bid for President, it has become even more urgent to address the threat this poses to our democracy and our basic freedoms and human rights.

The incursions of the Religious Right into the seat of power in this country is beyond alarming as they are hellbent on coercing everyone into abiding by their narrow orthodoxy  and codifying it into law.  Witness the current war on women’s reproductive rights and gay marriage being waged by the latest incarnation of crusading witchburners all across the country.  By buying up television and radio stations and proliferating their sanctimonious “pro-family” propaganda they have managed to mainstream ideas that were previously considered only lunatic fringe. Their willingness to use violence (war, executions, bombing family planning clinics) has so intimidated the public that people are afraid to speak out against them, for fear of retaliation.

The time has come for us to get serious about getting religion out of politics and prosecuting anyone who uses religious rhetoric in campaigns, engages in pulpit politicking, finances campaigns while trying to claim tax-exempt status, or otherwise tries to blur the separation between church and state or we are rushing headlong into a fascist theocracy.  We just barely survived 8 years of the last fundamentalist Christian in the oval office with any of our civil rights intact.  If either of these latest two power-seekers happens to win in 2012, we will have to steel ourselves for another scourge of the Grand Inquisition.