“Progressive Evangelical Fundamentalists?”

Read another article on the Alternet at http://www.alternet.org/belief/if-only-right-wing-christian-evangelicals-knew-where-their-ideas-came, arguing that evangelical fundamentalists have a progressive history in the 19th century and suggesting that perhaps when the GOP/TeaParty crumbles, progressives should consider aligning themselves with them.  The author offhandedly remarks that progressives may have to think “strategically” about possibly teaming up with them for equal pay, for example, even though it might mean compromising on abortion or gay rights, surmising from his comment that there may be “good arguments on both sides.” My answer to that is, “Are you crazy?!”

What kind of “progressive” movement are you left with when you’re willing to trade away women’s or LGBT human rights for equal pay?!  Any movement that coerces women into unwanted childbearing would properly be called an authoritarian, ultra-right, fascist patriarchy, not a “progressive evangelical movement,” an oxymoron if there ever was one. And what would the “good arguments on both sides” be, pray tell, that male supremacism is blessed by God and that abortion is “murder”? Why should anyone “compromise” with extremist fanaticism?

These are people to challenge, not embrace, and indeed the radical religious right have been the lunatic fringe and undoing of both the GOP and the tea party and would stop at nothing until they establish an horrifically oppressive theocracy, regardless of any progressive history or association with populism. They are the core of the sanctimonious, hypocritical, meanspirited GOP, and a bigger threat to human rights and social justice than either the establishment Republicans or the tea party are without them and who both factions should unceremoniously dump if they hope to have a prayer of surviving politically. But more importantly, because the 20th century GOP have virtually nothing to offer anyone (other than the corporate elite) and the Tea Party has nothing to offer that true progressives (I’m not talking the mediocre, cave-in-to-the-right spineless Democrats here) do much better, like peace and civil liberties, I would be among those who would welcome their all going the way of the dinosaurs.

Dispatches From The War On Women: American Nuns Hit The Road | Care2 Causes#comment-3763380

Did the author mistakenly leave out the word “not” in the following sentence about these nuns’ activities, “a week of openly and actively fighting for the right to deny lifesaving medical care based on personal prejudice”? Because if not, all we’re talking about here is a stylistic difference from the bishops and the Vatican in the war on women that I fear is being missed by the readership. If these nuns were doing anything remotely just or worthy, it would read, “a week of openly and actively fighting for the right to lifesaving medical care, NOT the denial of it based on personal prejudice.” Otherwise as it is written, these women are participating in the persecution of their own gender based on their buying into the patriarchal misogyny of the Catholic church and deserve CONDEMNATION, NOT PRAISE! Talk about social INjustice! This is testimony to how victimized women are in these churches and how much they have been beaten into submission that they turn on other women in order to get the approval of the male bishopricks (“k” added for clarification) and a male supremacist god.

Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/dispatches-from-the-war-on-women-american-nuns-hit-the-road.html#ixzz1x9y7fhco

Dispatches From The War On Women: American Nuns Hit The Road | Care2 Causes#comment-3763380